Blog 1: The meaning of our S.

Why S/park? What does the S stand for? These are questions we sometimes get. In this article we will explain to you what the S stand for and how our name explains a lot about the things we do.


The funny thing about the pronunciation of S/park is that you can pronounce it in two different ways: S (wait a second) park or Spark. Please read on to get to know the meaning of S(/)park and learn that both pronounciations are right! 

Spark, without the slash

We work with demanding chemistry and technology, this involves fabrics, processes and products that contribute to a better, more sustainable and safer world. Sparkling new products and processes, with the intention that employees, suppliers and customers also sparkle outside our gate. However, these are also working conditions where one always has to be wary of sparks, sparks that can damage the production process or sparks that endanger even the safety of employees, guests and the environment. Because safety is central to us, we work safely or we do not work, we do everything we can to prevent this kind of sparks and offer everyone a safe working and living environment. Our slogan is in line with this: Sparking ChemTech. This indicates the activities that are going on at S/park and the conditions in which work is being done.


The whole idea behind this name is that the S can stand for anything and everything. Below are the most common and most important definitions, if you have a good idea for the letter S in our name, please do not hesitate to contact Job Hollander. We would like to discuss our future with you!


Chemistry is science. The presence of more than 300 researchers who are specialized in highly reactive chemistry makes it possible for start-ups and students to take steps in their production or processes that cannot be taken anywhere else. With S/park, we want to continue the long-standing tradition of chemistry in Deventer and to build an eco-system where science and business go hand in hand.


In the text above it has already been briefly mentioned: start-ups. Our goal is to connect different start-ups related to highly reactive chemistry & technology at our location. We do this by including them in our projects, looking at the future together and learning from each other. Every start-up is in a different phase, but they all have to go through the same phases. This way every start-up gets the chance to develop further in Deventer.



S/park is located in Deventer, a city in the Salland region. Residents of this region are traditionally friendly, hospitable and reliable. They are open to collaborations and are not afraid of innovation. We want to radiate this as S/park, we want to create a place where everyone feels welcome and where we work hard together to come to new developments.


The start-ups will grow by the cooperation and initiatives at S/park and at a certain moment have mastered the production and processes of small quantities of #SparkingChemTech. But then the finish line is far from being reached, from then on everything will accelerate and more and more will have to be produced. With the knowledge and experience of Nouryon in the field of scaling up and production in larger batches and processes, this should not be a problem. In this way small businesses grow into full competitors on the market.


Our partners all have their own skills and qualities. Where one deals with finances or marketing on a daily basis, the other is specialized in permits or transport. By linking all these skills together and bringing them together at S/park, start-ups, students, entrepreneurs and professionals can learn from each other and stimulate each other to get the most out of their company. Chemical skills are also explicitly present, with the presence of the Expert Capability Center Deventer, and here you can, for example through the use of Innovation Vouchers, make an appeal for analyzes of your products.



The world is getting smarter, people can and do know more and more and devices can control processes. Also in the chemical industry, Chemie 4.0, digitization is an increasingly integrated concept and more can be measured by using sensors. With S/park we want to offer a place to start-ups, students and entrepreneurs who want to contribute to this by, for example, designing a Smart Digital Plant or testing with drones or sensors in production processes. As a result, safety is improved, employees no longer have to enter confined spaces, we can produce in a green and more sustainable way and products can be optimized.



As part of the Cleantech region, we believe it is important that we work and produce in a sustainable manner and that the products and processes developed here can also contribute to a more sustainable world. Energy storage, hydrogen, electric cars. They are all forms of getting started in a greener way. We are constantly talking to our partners to work on this and start new projects, all with a view to the future.



Safety is, as already mentioned, central to S/park. Because we work within a BRZO-environment we have to deal with strict laws and regulations concerning logistics, production, permits and activities. But even outside these laws and regulations, safety is the most important theme for us. Our knowledge and experience with safety is unique, the facilities that are present are designed for this, processes are made for this. We are aware of the fact that we work with dangerous materials and substances and that it is important that everyone can work here, visit us or live nearby in a secure way. All previously mentioned themes are indirectly related to this safe environment, Smart, Skills, Science: they all contribute to a safe environment to work with highly reactive chemistry & technology.