Holland Chemistry Student Competition 2019

Chemical Sciences organizes the Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition, powered by the Top Sector Chemistry. Student teams from universities and universities of applied sciences are invited to submit ideas for creative research projects, focusing on societal or industrial challenges. The competition is open for chemistry students, but also for interdisciplinary teams with students in e.g. biology, physics, computer science, as long as the research question has a strong chemical component.


The aim of the Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition is to encourage student teams to explore a scientific solution for a societal and/or industrial chemistry-related challenge. The Top Sector Chemistry thereby aims to promote chemistry and chemical research among students.

Chemical research can provide solutions to many current societal and industrial challenges. The chemical sector therefore needs creative and motivated chemists, now and in the future. The numbers of chemistry-students are currently growing, but the chemical sector foresees a shortage of chemistry professionals in the near future. The Top Sector Chemistry therefore aims to stimulate scholars and students to enroll in chemical studies, and to promote chemistry students to enter the chemical research sector after their graduation. With the Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition, the Top Sector Chemistry tries to create stepping stones in the young careers of chemistry students.

More info is available here.