Competences & Techniques

On this page you can find all competences and techniques of the Expert Capability Center Deventer, part of the RD&I center of Nouryon. The ECCD will be happy to assist you in asking the right questions and solving your (chemical) RD&I challenges. As a resident of S/park you always have this knowledge and experience in your vicinity and in this way you can further develop your products and processes in Deventer.

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Competences MAS

•Physical, chemical, and biological analysis

•Composition, structure, and materials performance

•Product analysis from trace level contaminants to bulk polymers

•Design of Experiments, Chemometrics and High-Throughput Experimentation

•Process analytics & manufacturing efficiency

•Environmental Testing

Techniques MAS

•Chromatography (GC, LC, UPLC, SEC, CZE)

•Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR, ESR)

•Molecular Spectroscopy (IR, Raman, UV-Vis)

•Elemental and Functional Group Analysis
(ICP-ES/MS, titration)

•Surface Analysis, Microscopy and Diffraction

•Hyphenated Methods (GC/MS, LC/MS, MCC/IMS)

•Robotics & Process analytics (NIR, wet color, viscosity)

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Competences PT

•Chemical reaction engineering

•Separation processes (incl. hybrid techniques)

•Mixing and dispersion

•Modeling (unit, plant, CFD, dynamic control)

•Physical properties

•(Electro)Chemistry and catalysis

Competences MMT

•Organic / inorganic synthesis to control structure and performance

•Hybrid systems

•Particle functionalization

•Polymer processing, extrusion (film, reactive)

•Corrosion / materials science

•Colloid science / physical chemistry

•Materials characterization supporting the above

Techniques PT

•50mL-500L(-20/250ºC, FV/100 bar)

•Reactors, distillation, absortion and extraction units

•Filtration, drying and membrane units

•Mixing and dispersion

•ATEX environment

•Modeling tools

Techniques MMT

•Well-equipped synthesis laboratories

•Safe handling hazardous materials (toxic suite)

•Materials characterization suite

•Extrusion processing facilities

•Spray drying, granulation and rheology



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